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Among my all time favorite things, within the top ten would be the stories set in AVONLEA!!! This is my page dedicated to my favorite movies and my favorite Television series. I will include images, links to other Avonlea sites, and an introduction to the characters, plus much more.

Based on books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Road to Avonlea," "Anne of Green Gables," and "Anne of Avonlea" have become favorites among many houses throughout the world. If you have never seen or heard of these two movies and this T.V show I strongly reccommend you get offline right now and go rent the movies at least, if you have seen them then sign my guest book or e-mail me and tell me if you share the same sentiments with me.

Now everyone sit back, relax, grab some plum pudding (without the mouse), a glass of Raspberry Cordial (or Red Current Wine..take your pick) and call up your bosom friend (or a truly kindred spirit) and walk through the haunted woods, the white way of delight, take a swim in the Lake of Shining waters, come to the post office and recieve parcels from all over the world, and visit the general store to chat with Mr. Lawson, Stop by Green gables and get the latest gossip from Mrs. Rachel Lynde then before leaving give Marilla Cuthbert a hug and run to the field to chat with Anne, Gilbert and Diana, then jump over to Rose Cottage to get Sara, Felicity and the rest of the children, then run to the lighthouse and hear Gus Pike tell you a story. I invite you to laugh, cry, smile, sigh, and portray all your emotions that are bottled up inside of you right now, and by the end of your journey through Avonlea go up to your loved ones, give them a hug and say "I'm glad we found eachother, it's so difficult finding a kindred spirit these days." So here's a map of Prince Edward island.....and when you return from your walk I hope you can say it was worth your time, I know it has always been worth my time.

I was notified by insidetheweb that they are discontinuing their service and since I can't download the message board onto a disk using webtv I had to cancel it. Once I get a computer in June I'll add a new message board. Sorry

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